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Month: February 2019

How to implement PayPal API payment

Implementation by PayPal’s API (SDK)PayPal check outI will explain the latest information of. For PayPal checkout, Client Integration (Simple implementation to complete with just pasting JavaScript) Server Integration (Flexible implementation that completes processing on the server side) Braintree SDK (Implemented for both web and mobile applications) There are three mounting methods. This page describes how to implement using Braintree SDK. * Braintree account itself is not necessary to use Braintree SDK. For Client IntegrationThis Japanese […]

[Python] Frequently used method notes at the beginning of data analysis

At the stage of exploratory data analysis (EDA) when analyzing data with Kaggle etc., I summarized useful functions and libraries that I frequently use to grasp the structure of data. The data uses Kaggle’s Titanic Train data ■ Loading the library

■ Loading data

■ Basic information on data and output of basic statistics First, output up to the first 5 lines and actually look at the data

Output summary statistics […]

I can not ask anymore Linux and memory basics & detailed usage of vmstat

Sakura Internet Advent Calendar On the last day, I would like to take a fair look at the basic knowledge of Linux memory. Recently, I became able to program without consciousness of the server and less consciousness about the free space of the memory, but when it became a situation where it is necessary to touch the low layer, the OS is stunned in front of me It seems that there are many people to […]

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