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Month: April 2019

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【PhpMyAdmin】 Why do I get an error on the login screen after setting the password?

We will show you the solution if you get an error when you open phpMyAdmin’s login screen after setting up a password using XAMPP. 1 cause of the error 2 error resolution instructions Cause of error The following error message may be displayed when opening the login screen after setting the root user password with phpMyAdmin “Privileged” menu or XAMPP shell etc. # 1045 – Access denied for user ‘root’ @ ’localhost’ (using password: NO) […]

MySQL view database related information

When using MySQL, you need to know the current database, such as the current database size, character set, user, and so on. The following summarizes some commands for viewing database related information. 1: View shows all databases

  2: View the database currently in use

      3: View the database usage port  

    4: View the current database size For example, I want to check the size of […]

mysql accidentally delete root user or no root user – linux

Sometimes installing Mysql in Linux will result in no root user, or the root account will be deleted from the mysql.user table, which will result in many permissions being uncontrollable. Solution Re-create the root user and grant all permissions as follows: 1. Modify the /etc/my.conf file and add skip-grant-tables [mysqld] Datadir=/var/lib/mysql Socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock User=mysql # Disabling symbolic-links is recommended to prevent assorted security risks Symbolic-links=0 Skip-grant-tables [mysqld_safe] Log-error=/var/log/mysqld.log Pid-file=/var/run/mysqld/ 2, restart the mysql service /etc/init.d/mysqld restart […]

mysql: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

solution centos


Send Japanese mail so as not to be garbled: mb_send_mail function

Avoid fatal errors such as garbled characters When implementing a system that sends emails on a website or system, specifying Japanese text as the title or body as it is may result in garbled characters. This time, I will explain how to solve the following problems. Japanese mail is garbled. I do not know how to specify the character code. Naturally, if you get garbled, you can not read your email at all. Furthermore, if […]

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