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Month: May 2019

Linux memory management (insufficient memory, memory leak detection / prevention)

Linux memory management (insufficient memory, memory leak detection / prevention) I think that it is often the case that the memory of PC used for server etc. is enough.If you check it out, the lack of free memory and the appearance of memory overflow in SWAP etc.Anxious things come out in various ways. Various factors are intertwining the cause of slowing down the operation of PC,Sometimes the symptoms that appear on the surface do not […]

Node.js installation configuration

Node.js installation configuration In this chapter we will introduce you to how to install Node.js on Windows and Linux. This installation tutorial uses the Node.js v4.4.3 LTS (Long Term Support Version) version as an example. The Node.js installation package and source code download address is:Https:// You can choose the Node.js installation package you need for different platform systems. Node.js historical version download address:Https:// note: Installing Node.js on Linux requires Python 2.6 or 2.7. It is […]

Get started developing apps with Ionic

Ionic What is it? Ionic And that of GoogleAngularIt is a JavaScript framework created specifically for the development of HTML5 applications based on the application framework. Build amazing apps in one codebase, for any platform, with the web.   As you know, Web / iOS / Android apps are all good at the same time, so-called hybrid development.1Also, in recent years, make the Web convenient as an applicationPWA(Progressive Web Apps)Mechanism2Although Ionic was born, Ionic supports […]

CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian three linux similarities and differences

Linux has a large number of distributions, which are broadly divided into commercial versions maintained by commercial companies and free distributions maintained by the open source community. The commercial version is represented by Redhat, and the open source community version is represented by debian. These versions have different characteristics and play different roles in different application areas and cannot be generalized. Most VPSs only provide distributions maintained by the open source community. Here’s a quick […]

Nginx and Apache comparison and advantages and disadvantages

Today is a more detailed comparison of the similarities and differences, advantages and disadvantages of apache httpd and nginx web servers. Since I am not doing web development, so please understand that there are any misunderstandings. I want to understand them because I sometimes use it in my work. I have used nginx+apache in my system. The vast majority of the information in this article is excerpted from the Internet. All that you do is […]