ibm text-to-speech supported languages

Languages and voices

The following table lists the voices that are available for each language and dialect, including their gender. Each voice uses appropriate cadence and intonation for its dialect. If you omit the voice from any request, the service uses the en-US_MichaelVoice voice by default.

Table 4. Supported languages and voices
Languages Voice Gender
Brazilian Portuguese pt-BR_IsabelaVoice Female
Castilian Spanish es-ES_EnriqueVoice Male
es-ES_LauraVoice Female
French fr-FR_ReneeVoice Female
German de-DE_BirgitVoice Female
de-DE_DieterVoice Male
Italian it-IT_FrancescaVoice Female
Japanese ja-JP_EmiVoice Female
Latin American Spanish es-LA_SofiaVoice Female
North American Spanish es-US_SofiaVoice Female
UK English en-GB_KateVoice Female
US English en-US_AllisonVoice Female
en-US_LisaVoice Female
en-US_MichaelVoice Male

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