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Gmail API PHP Manual 1

  table of contents[close up] 1Gmail API overview 2Install google-api-php-client 3Generation of client information (object) FourGoogle_Service_Gmail class 4.1Member variable (property) FiveGoogle_Service_Gmail_Message class 5.1Getter / setter list 6Source Code Sample Gmail API overview Main usage of API for gmail provided by google. There are various arrangements, such as configuring in the google admin console and acquiring the client library when actually using it, but here we focus mainly on how to use the API. There is […]

Siri the most useful ten features

Siri Apple’s built-in iOS system, a small butler, users can easily voice or text to Siri instead of doing some of the operations themselves. Foreign media today listed the top ten Siri most useful features, which you certainly have never used. Have you used Siri’s top ten features? First, start the application As the name implies, there are thousands of apps on the App Store, and dozens of apps are often downloaded on our iOS […]

PayPal API Settings

Step 1: Check your PayPal account status To setup PayPal Adaptive Payments, the application owner must have a PayPal Business or Premier account. Here’re the details to check your PayPal status: Login to PayPal at . Click the Profile subtab under My Account. In the left menu, click the My settings to confirm that your account type is either Business or Premier. If not, you have to upgrade your account. Step 2: Settings your […]

8 Japanese speech reading engines that can be used on iOS 8 types (TTS, speech synthesis)

AVSpeechSynthesizer class added from iOS 7 It is now easy to use speech synthesis (speech / Text to Speech). alreadyVoice corresponding to 36 languages ​​including JapaneseAre prepared, and the sound quality is also quite good. Because it reads hiragana and kanji, it reads if you pass the text all the way. However, one thing was unsatisfactory,I can not tune the reading aloudabout. Since speech synthesis is a genre from a long time ago, I thought […]

PHP source: change Latitude Longitude to Address

sample source for get Address from Latitude and Longitude


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