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Differences between iOS Apple Developer accounts (individuals, companies, companies)

Apple is divided into three categories for developers: individuals, organizations (companies, companies), and educational institutions. which is: 1. Individual (Individual) 2, organization (Organizations) The organization class is divided into 2 subcategories: (1)Company (2) Enterprise (Enterprise) 3. Educational institutions (Educational Institutions) For more information, please see Apple’s official description: Choosing a Membership We often pay attention to the three categories of individuals, companies, and enterprises. Companies and companies belong to the category of “organizations.” Here is […]

Starting from 1 iOS Team Development: Checkout from Repository ~ Provisioning Profile Preparation

Previous time IOS team development starting from 1: Introduction Invite members to the Apple Developer Program Get an invitation from Apple Developer Program Premise: Apple Developer registration has been completed. 0. Install Xcode Let’s develop the development environment where the developer registration has been successfully completed. As an integrated development environmentXcodeUse the. Please install from Mac App Store. As of 2015/01, the latest is 6.1.11. 1. Check out source from repository Since Xcode has a […]

Siri the most useful ten features

Siri Apple’s built-in iOS system, a small butler, users can easily voice or text to Siri instead of doing some of the operations themselves. Foreign media today listed the top ten Siri most useful features, which you certainly have never used. Have you used Siri’s top ten features? First, start the application As the name implies, there are thousands of apps on the App Store, and dozens of apps are often downloaded on our iOS […]