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cannot update mailbox /var/mail/root for user root. error writing message: File too large

If you see the above error in /var/log/maillog, you have probably reached your mailbox limit. Clear your mailbox or increase your limit. However, if you raise the upper limit easily, it will lead to disk pressure, so consider revising your operations first so that your mailbox does not fill up.

To empty the mailbox, do the following:  


Linux memory management (insufficient memory, memory leak detection / prevention)

Linux memory management (insufficient memory, memory leak detection / prevention) I think that it is often the case that the memory of PC used for server etc. is enough.If you check it out, the lack of free memory and the appearance of memory overflow in SWAP etc.Anxious things come out in various ways. Various factors are intertwining the cause of slowing down the operation of PC,Sometimes the symptoms that appear on the surface do not […]

CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian three linux similarities and differences

Linux has a large number of distributions, which are broadly divided into commercial versions maintained by commercial companies and free distributions maintained by the open source community. The commercial version is represented by Redhat, and the open source community version is represented by debian. These versions have different characteristics and play different roles in different application areas and cannot be generalized. Most VPSs only provide distributions maintained by the open source community. Here’s a quick […]

I can not ask anymore Linux and memory basics & detailed usage of vmstat

Sakura Internet Advent Calendar On the last day, I would like to take a fair look at the basic knowledge of Linux memory. Recently, I became able to program without consciousness of the server and less consciousness about the free space of the memory, but when it became a situation where it is necessary to touch the low layer, the OS is stunned in front of me It seems that there are many people to […]

[Polite explanation] How to use Linux firewall iptables

There are many things you would like to set up a firewall on Linux, too.Rather, because it is used as a server in a company, it is a place I want to be more careful about than a personal computer.This page tells about iptables to set up firewall on Linux.  table of contents[hide] 1What is a firewall? 2What is iptables? 3iptables setting confirmation and explanation 3.1Chain 3.2Each item 3.3ALL? 3.4Adaptation order of iptables FourHow to […]

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