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IPsec ( Security Architecture for IP )

◆ What is IPsec?   IPsec,Encryption systemUsed to protect the security of data at the network layer by the technology It is a protocol to be done. IPsec consists of protocols such as AH, ESP, and IKE. This IPsec By using the VPN connection we can communicate safely even in the public infrastructure such as the Internet. ◆IPsec works layer Since IPsec operates at the network layer, whether it is TCP or UDP at the […]

How to Disable Network Manager

When install Cpanel&whm need to isable Network Manager Overview This document describes how to disable the Network Manager service. The Network Manager service automates the network’s settings and disrupts connections to the IP addresses that reside in the ipaliases module. Note: We recommend that you disable the Network Manager service and enable the network.service service before you install cPanel & WHM. For more information about how to disable the Network Manager service, read RedHat’s Disabling Network Manager documentation. Warnings: cPanel, Inc. does not support the Network Manager service. Exercise extreme […]

Detail of Installation cPanel and WHM in CentOS 7

1. Ensure that your server has a standard hostname (FQDN or Fully Qualified Domain Name), otherwise set it as follows (in this example, cpanel is the hostname and tecmint.lan is the domain name):

2. cPanel is written in Perl, ensure that you have Perl installed on your server, other wise run the command below to install it on your system.

3. You do not have to run any commands to install it, there is an auto installer script built for […]

centos7 Minimum version network settings

Confirm device

Enable interface

Change IP address and subnet mask

※ Check the device and change “eth0” Set default gateway

DNS settings

IP is fixed assignment (DHCP is changed to “auto”)

Restart the interface to reflect the setting

※ Check the device and change “eth0” Confirm setting

Confirm connection

Network restart

File confirmation

* Confirm ifcfg – eth 0 with the device. Edit request

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