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Nginx and Apache comparison and advantages and disadvantages

Today is a more detailed comparison of the similarities and differences, advantages and disadvantages of apache httpd and nginx web servers. Since I am not doing web development, so please understand that there are any misunderstandings. I want to understand them because I sometimes use it in my work. I have used nginx+apache in my system. The vast majority of the information in this article is excerpted from the Internet. All that you do is […]

Nginx no-www to www and www to no-www

HTTPS Solution For those who want a solution including https://…

Note: I have not originally included https:// in my solution since we use loadbalancers and our https:// server is a high-traffic SSL payment server: we do not mix https:// and http://. To check the nginx version, use nginx -v. Strip www from url with nginx redirect

So you need to have TWO server codes. Add the www to the url with nginx […]

Converting rewrite rules

Converting rewrite rules Converting Mongrel rules A redirect to a main site People who during their shared hosting life used to configure everything using only Apache’s .htaccess files, usually translate the following rules:

to something like this:

This is a wrong, cumbersome, and ineffective way. The right way is to define a separate server for

On versions prior to 0.9.1, redirects can be made with:

Another example. Instead of the […]