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whmcs 7.6破解版安装教程

1.下载 如果需要破解版 2.上传至服务器 3.上传破解版补丁文件License.php到vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib下。可以讲旧文件改名 4.打开/install路径,如有提示安装ioncube 由于安装提示错误缺乏ioncube,需要安装。 先参考ioncube安装手册 5.修改文件权限


7.重新检查,如果没其它错误,点击Begin Installation 8.license key 随便写,比如9999999999999999。数据库信息写完后进入下一步。 9.没问题可以设置管理员账号信息。安装完成 10.按提示后续处理和设置

[PHP] Overwrite / append to text file

This is a sample to overwrite / append to existing text file. The following text files are covered here. [Text file to read] text.txt This is an existing string. Overwrite text file </h 2> The overwrite fopens with the parameter “w”. 【Results】 Overwrite. Append to text file The append is fopen with the parameter “a”. 【Results】 It is an existing string. P.S. memo If there is no file to be read in both overwrite and […]

How to Disable Network Manager

When install Cpanel&whm need to isable Network Manager Overview This document describes how to disable the Network Manager service. The Network Manager service automates the network’s settings and disrupts connections to the IP addresses that reside in the ipaliases module. Note: We recommend that you disable the Network Manager service and enable the network.service service before you install cPanel & WHM. For more information about how to disable the Network Manager service, read RedHat’s Disabling Network Manager documentation. Warnings: cPanel, Inc. does not support the Network Manager service. Exercise extreme […]

Install ClipBucket and Nginx on CentOS 7

ClipBucket is a community supported open source video sharing site and management script. In ClipBuckets’s first incarnation, it was similar to popular video tube websites. However, after years of development, it has become a robust media platform when compared to paid video/media sharing websites. ClipBucket has the following features: Ads manager Content authorization HLS streaming Integration w/ Windows Server Active Directory Real-time statistics Revenue sharing Video on demand (VOD) Prerequisites A CentOS 7 x64 Minimal […]

Upgrade the version of PHP on CentOS 7 to 5.6.x / 7.0.x / 7.1.x / 7.2.x / 7.3.x

Introduction The version of PHP that is installed as a standard on CentOS 7.X, as of 2017-12-30,5.4.16. I am running the e portfolio system mahara on the CentOS 7 server that I am operating, but the recommended version of PHP has changed since PHP 5.5.X since 17.10.X released on 2017-10-30 . Therefore, when running the latest version of mahara you can see that it is not possible to operate with the version of PHP provided […]

php file_get_contents via proxy


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