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First time setup of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + (from purchase to activation)

■ Introduction It is a summary from Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + (hereinafter referred to as “Raspai”) until OS startup after purchasing. In addition, I will perform internet browsing using wifi, using wireless mouse with Bluetooth. ■ Implementation Flow Preparation 1. Preparation of Raspberry and peripheral equipment Preparation 2. Connection with Raspberry Preparation 3. Place OS data on the SD card Task 1. Power ON Task 2. OS Setup ① Language selection ② OS […]

Cross-compile the kernel for Raspberry Pi Zero and create a driver module

I want to make Raspberry Pi Zero participate in a 5 GHz wireless LAN, but with Jessie released on 2015/11/21, the on-hand Wifi adapterGW-450SCould not be used. Drivers in github ( Seems to need to be compiled as a kernel module. In this paper, I would like to introduce the procedure to cross-compile the kernel for Raspberry Pi Zero on another machine and the procedure to install the external driver as a kernel module using […]

Setting up Raspberry Pi Zero (W)

Raspberry Pi Zero (PiZero) domestic sales began on 2017/2 and PiZero W is finally sold to 2017/7/18, so it was updated after a long time. We will introduce the setup method with the goal of being able to perform headless operation by setting the state to remote login just by turning on the power supply. The setup method by simple USB connection (USB On-The-Go, hereinafter referred to as USB OTG) is described in the first […]