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Subversion-Git linkage operation

Subversion-Git linkage operation Introduction System surrounding development The assumed development system is as follows. The other party (Team A) is developing with Subversion use environment, When this side (Team B) wishes to use GitLab. TeamA usually commits to Subversion Team B regularly captures the source of Team A Team B periodically merges Team B source and submits it to Team A Environmental composition Service status at the site Base Team SMC WAN / LAN example […]

Five basic differences between GIT and SVN

If you’re reading this article, you’re right with most developersGITInterested, if you have not had a chance to try the GIT, I think now you have to understand it. GIT Not just a version control system, it is also a content management system (CMS), work management system and more. If you are a person with a SVN background, you need to do some thought transformation to accommodate some of the concepts and features provided by […]