Download and use sqlite3.dll

SQLite can also be used from the command line, but rather it is often used by other applications such as PHP and Rails. In this case, use “sqlite3.dll” instead of “sqlite3.exe” for the command line. This section explains how to download “sqlite3.dll” file.

In PHP, necessary DLLs are also installed when installing. Therefore, it does not necessarily have to be separately downloaded.


I will download it. Please access the following URL.


Please click on the menu labeled “Download” in the menu at the top of the screen.


The screen of SQLite’s download list is displayed.


This time we will use it in the environment of Windows 10 (64 bit), so please look at “Precompiled Binaries for Windows” block. There are two DLLs, but since this time we will use it in a 64 bit environment, please click on the link written as “ (701.68 KiB)”.


The download will start. Please save it in an arbitrary place.
The “” file downloaded is a compressed file. When decompressing and extracting it, it contains two files “sqlite3.dll” and “sqlite3.def”. Please save the “sqlite3.dll” file in this directory in a directory (eg C: \ Windows \ System32) where the path passes.

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