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How to implement PayPal API payment

Implementation by PayPal’s API (SDK)PayPal check outI will explain the latest information of. For PayPal checkout, Client Integration (Simple implementation to complete with just pasting JavaScript) Server Integration (Flexible implementation that completes processing on the server side) Braintree SDK (Implemented for both web and mobile applications) There are three mounting methods. This page describes how to implement using Braintree SDK. * Braintree account itself is not necessary to use Braintree SDK. For Client IntegrationThis Japanese […]

login to paypal sandbox

This is how you get access to your test account’s page: Go to Go to Applications Click on Sandbox accounts Choose Log In with PayPal (use your regular account – not the Sandbox one) (Optional) Import your old accounts from your former Sandbox account after the redirect to the accounts page Click on the account you want to log in to Choose “Sandbox site” Log in to that site using your test account