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You have a few options when you don’t have access to a source map: Ignore the message. It generaly only gets thrown when your dev tools are open. Remove the reference in the original file. These are the last characters (comments) at the end of the file. Generate a source map yourself when you have access to the source code. For video.js, it can be generated from Use a public CDN version which might […]

Table of high-ranking websites blocked in mainland China

Alexa Rank Website Domain URL Category Primary language Duration of blockage Current Status 1 Gmail Email English 2014, September (or earlier) to present[2] BLOCKED 1 Google Search English 2014, May (or earlier) to present[3] BLOCKED 1 Google Maps Maps English 2014, May (or earlier) to present[4] BLOCKED 1 Google Docs Sharing English 2011, May (or earlier) to present[5] BLOCKED 1 Google Encrypted Search English 2011, […]