remove the test of bigbluebutton

  1. How to disable link in Chat area:


sudo vi /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/bigbluebutton/WEB-INF/classes/

Set “defaultWelcomeMessageFooter” property to empty or perhaps html break tag. Restart nginx to see effect.

  1. How to modify the footer:

For this, you will first have to setup a development environment, following url explains how to do this.

Then change “bbb.mainshell.copyrightLabel2” property in ~/dev/bigbluebutton/bigbluebutton–client/locale/en_US/

Afterwards rebuild your client using “ant locales”, and copy output file: en_us_resources.swf to /var/www/bigbluebutton/client/locale.

NOTE: You might need to restart the bigbluebutton server once in the end. Also I have used locale en_US for example, you should modify inside the locale you are working with.


To disable messages in chat area

edit /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/bigbluebutton/web-inf/class/

change the fields defaultWelcomeMessage and defaultWelcomeMessageFooter to any customized message according to your own requirements.

Restart nginx and bigbluebutton(sudo bbb-conf –restart)

To disable the bigbluebutton copyright and version message

edit /var/www/bigbluebutton-default/index.html

scroll to the bottom of the document and edit/remove the row div in the html file.

NOTE- Before doing this you may have to change the permissions of the index file (Exp- sudo chmod 777 /var/www/bigbluebutton-default.index.html)

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