Siri the most useful ten features

Siri Apple’s built-in iOS system, a small butler, users can easily voice or text to Siri instead of doing some of the operations themselves. Foreign media today listed the top ten Siri most useful features, which you certainly have never used.

Have you used Siri’s top ten features?

First, start the application

As the name implies, there are thousands of apps on the App Store, and dozens of apps are often downloaded on our iOS devices, and we need to place them in separate folders, and sometimes we do Occurs can not find the application of the situation. At this moment, we only need to start Siri, and then say “Start” the application name “”, the application can open, which can really save us a lot of troubles.

Second, calculation

If we would like, we could ask Siri to calculate for us, such as opening Siri, asking “1234567 plus 1008?” Or asking for some more complicated calculations.

Third, send text messages quickly

After we read a text message to reply, first unlock the phone, click on the message, and then find the SMS you want to reply, in fact, not so troublesome, tell Siri what you want to express, you can easily send text messages.

Fourth, fast social media

Using Siri to update our social platforms in no time is nothing new, and now that we all love running our social platforms, it’s no surprise that this feature is so popular with everyone.

Fifth, the timer and alarm clock

Siri can be very convenient to set the timer or alarm clock, in fact, this feature in the ad, cookies strange has shown us. For example, we asked Siri directly and the timing started! Or, “Wake me up after eight hours.”

Sixth, remind

Of course, we can also use Siri to remind us of the matter, “Remind me to meet Tim Cook tomorrow morning at nine o’clock”, and then Siri will add the related matters to our calendar.

Seventh, the location

This sounds a bit complicated, it means that Siri can remind us that in a particular place to complete certain things, such as a good way to pass a small shop, you can mark its location as “here “And set a reminder, we’ll have time to visit again in the future, and we can also set” here “as the place where you and your wife celebrate their wedding anniversary (or celebrate her birthday) in the coming months, and you should know Forget about your wife birthday or wedding anniversary will happen more terrible things … …

Eighth, the relationship

We can tell Siri who our relatives and friends are, for example, Kobayashi is my brother, and Siri will remember it as soon as we say to remind me to call my brother, or to remind me to vote for my brother, Siri Can you know who you are talking about, but if there are too many brothers, will Siri be mad?

Ninth, smart aid

If an alien phone has appeared in your email, then Siri should be able to recognize it, and it will remind you, who is the owner of the phone.

Tenth, navigation

We often have to enter a lot of text in the navigation process. If you want to be simpler, do it all directly with Siri. On the newspaper you want to go to the location, Siri will call the map to find the travel route program.

Although Siri seems to be better at English because of the language, the frequency with which Siri is used by domestic users is not high, but with the perfection of the iOS system, Siri will surely become more and more intelligent and become a user-friendly assistant.

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