Solution of Ubuntu does not start unless you press the F1 key

When you start the DELL server, it is displayed in the middle of BIOS as shown below

Strike the F1 key to continue ~ And it stops appearing.

The OS does not start unless F1 is pressed each time it is restarted.


This time I will tell you how to solve this phenomenon.

※ It is not a fundamental solution.

※ The operation method may be different depending on the equipment.

① Press the F2 key in the state of the previous image ↑ to the setup screen

② Place the cursor on the bottom F1 / F2 Prompt on Error and press the space


③ Because warning message is displayed, press space again and change to Disabled


④ Save the setting change and start it with [Esc] → [Save Changes and Exit]


■ Attention

F1 / F2 Prompt on Error (urges F1 / F2 on error) is invalid.

In other words, just disabling the error display, the root cause of the error can not be solved.

Please use this method as appropriate.

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