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Introducing 10 Free, Powerful PHP Editor / Development Tools

1) Notepad ++     Notepad ++ is a very unique editor that is open source and free to use. Supported Languages: C, C ++, Java, C #, XML, HTML, PHP, Javascript! 1. Notepad built-in support for up to 27 kinds of syntax highlighting (including a variety of common source code, scripts, it is worth mentioning that the perfect support. Nfo file view), also supports custom language. 2. Notepad can automatically detect the file type, according […]

13 text editors suitable for PHP

For programming, editor selection is very important. It is the same in PHP which is web application development. Depending on which editor you program, the quality of the deliverable as well as the efficiency of the programming obtained by it is completely different as well as the work efficiency. I selected a text editor suitable for PHP. If you have started learning PHP, please refer.   table of contents[hide] 1Importance of editor in programming 2 […]