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Install Bitnami Redmine on Win 7 and peek into Git repository

I installed Redmine on my PC and tried Redmine and Git. However, because Git’s Bare repository meaning was not known, Redmine got Git I could not see the repository. So record the procedure from installation to viewing the Git repository. I would appreciate it if you can tell me if there is a simpler way. environment PC: Windows Virtual PC OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1 RM: Bitnami Redmine Stack 3.2.0-2 Goal By installing Redmine […]

ec2 Ubuntu 14.04 Usage Instructions for Redmine Certified by Bitnami

Once the instance is running, enter the public DNS provided by Amazon into your browser. You will then see the Redmine application. You can go to ‘/admin’ from your browser to access the application administration panel. The default server administrator is ‘user’. Please check our documentation at https://docs.bitnami.com/aws/faq/#how-to-find-application-credentials to learn how to get your password. You may change this username and password within the application settings. You can also access your instance via SSH using […]