Change Your WordPress Username from phpMyAdmin

This method is a little bit complicated as it requires making direct changes to your WordPress database. We usually don’t recommend users to make direct changes to their WordPress database. However, in some cases you may not have any other option. Like for example, if you have forgotten your WordPress username and email address, then you will not be able to access the admin dashboard to change username.

Using this method, you can find your username and you will also be able to change it.

First thing you need to do is login to your cPanel. Scroll down to the databases section and click on phpMyAdmin.

phpMyAdmin from cPanel

Next you need to select the database that your blog is hosted in.

phpMyAdmin Select Database

You will see your WordPress database tables. By default, WordPress database tables use wp_ as prefix before each table’s name. It is possible that you may have been using some other prefix.

Click on the table wp_users on the left hand side. Then click edit on the username that you want to edit.

Edit username from phpMyAdmin

Change the user_login value to whatever you want. For example you can replace ‘admin’ to ‘bob’

Change user_login value

Hit the Go button and you are done.

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